Criminal Defense Attorney Harris County

Date11/13/2017 1:40:10 AM
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On getting arrested, things get changed! If you are being accused of a crime in Harris County such as crime against property or crime against an individual or any other offense, criminal defense attorney of Harris County can help you fight for justice.

Under the guidance of Criminal Defense Lawyer Here in Houston, you can take right steps to stand against any unfair trail as we will help you defend your rights at every step. Sam A. Maida, Senior Attorney of our team with an experience of over 30 years gets hundred of serious criminal cases dismissed every week. So, our criminal defense attorney can help you pass the hard time, if you are accused in any of the following cases:

• Felony
• Drug crimes
• Expunction and non-disclosure of criminal records
• Juvenile offense
• Sex crimes
• Violent crimes
• Theft crimes
• Misdemeanor offense