Buy Arowana fish,Blue Arowana,Red Arowana,Parrot Cichlid,

Date1/1/2018 7:54:29 PM
PriceUSD 500.00
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We are suppliers of the different types of Aquarium Fishes.We supply to all locations and with the Fishes from Different parts of the world . We have various species and also it has been farmed by our specialists who are meant for this job.We will be very glad to supply to any interested clients normatter the location of the client . The different types we have include
Super red arowana,
Blue arowana,
Asian arowana
Red Arowana,
Black arowana,
Crossback Golden Arowana,
Red-Tail Golden,
Green Arowana,
Silver Arowana
Platinum Arowana,
Golden Basslet,
Wrought Iron Butterfly Fish,
Clarion Angelfish,
Candy Basslet,Neptune Grouper,
Nami Green Arowana,
Australian Flathead Perch,
Red Parrot Cichlid
Bicolor Parrotfish
Blue Parrot fish
Green Parrotfish
Midnight Parrot
Princess Parrot
Red Band Parrot
Spotlight Parrot
Yellow Pastel Parrot Cichlid
Purple Parrot Cichlid
King Parrot Cichlid
King Kong Parrot Cichlid
Flower Horn
Red Dragon Flower Horn
Cichlasoma severum
Semaprochilodus taeniurus